My Approach

First clean the inside of the cup and dish,
and then the outside also will be clean.

Jesus, Matthew 23

I describe my approach as “Christian Depth Psychotherapy.”

I say “Psychotherapy” because…

My work centers on offering care for people’s souls. The word psychotherapy comes from two Greek words – “psyche” meaning soul, and “therapy” meaning care, attention, and healing. Psychotherapy, at its core, is a relationship in which one person offers soul care to another human being. Within the context of that relationship, the person seeking therapy has the opportunity to heal, come alive and grow into maturity.

I say “Depth” because…

I am oriented toward the depth psychology school of thought. Depth psychology says there are “forces” that are in conflict within us, and these forces shape our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Furthermore, these forces exist at various levels of conscious awareness – indeed some of them are entirely unconscious. In order to heal, grow and mature, we must not only “clean the outside of the cup,” i.e. focus simply on our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. We must also “clean the inside of the cup,” and address the various forces that are in conflict beneath the surface of our issues and struggles.

I say “Christian” because…

I ground myself in and move out from an orthodox, biblically based Christianity. My beliefs would align with what C.S. Lewis described as “Mere Christianity” – a foundational Christian belief that has been shared through all ages and is common to all denominations. This does not mean that all, or even most, of my clients come from a Christian perspective themselves. I say this only to clarify the theological framework I come from as I approach therapeutic work.